I'll have this mail coming from my friends to check some link or app out or I really may like something. Thought I will share those links, etc with you which you may find it interesting. The very fact that people have liked and shared it with me proves that you may also like it and come back for more. Hope you enjoy :-)


Even your Android may need security....may need!!

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous year ahead!!

Check out this link and see what best security is available for your Android phone. 

PS: My friend recommends that Android phones are quite secure and may not need an Antivirus unless you are among those who likes to experiment with different apps including the ones which are not part of the Android Market.


This is for fitness or sport freaks!!

This is kick-ass stuff!! iSport lets you connect with people who are as passionate about a sport as you are. You can find guides, videos and even coaching for almost any sport or fitness activity. My friend recently discovered this online wealth for good health and shared it with me.

She is aiming to take part in the Marathon which is happening in Mumbai on 15th January 2012 and she is progressing well in her training. Her plan is to breeze through 21 km in about 3-4 hours. The Ethiopian women marathon winners have clocked the distance in about 2 hours. The Indian women winners have clocked about 3 hours. I'm really impressed with the kinda stuff I can learn from iSport & start doing! So check it out!!

Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

The next major version of the Android OS is out! It's called Ice Cream Sandwich and is at version 4.0! Here is a screenshot gallery for all of you to drool on! :-)

A list of some major changes:
  • Honeycomb-styled interface
  • New Robot typeface used throughout the UI
  • New lock screen featuring quick unlock to camera and notification access
  • Improvements to multitasking and the notification pane
  • Re-sizable widgets


This is for brainstormers and word lovers

Have you ever found it boring or mundane to flip through a hard copy of a thesaurus or dictionary when you want to read everything related to that particular word. A better and reformed way of doing it is by using Visual Thesaurus. This is an intelligent web application which not only gives you the meaning of the word but also the branched out words to that based on semantics and word choice. Using this application, you can improve your vocabulary, master word usage, find the right word and hear the right pronunciation of words among other benefits.

For a demo and to get a first hand experience, visit here

Check out this Designer's work

Itu Chaudhuri Design is a design consulting company. Their graphic design work in particular is very attractive and thoughtful. Itu Chaudhuri, the owner of this design studio has practiced design since 1984, when he first began to tack the word “design” after his name on his letterhead.

Great Analysis!! - Masala Dosa and the way of life

There are many ways to eat a masala dosa .What ever the way one eats; there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person that is you… 

Read the rest of the article here due to its lengthiness